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Greater Manchester Western Gateway

Over the next 50 years, The Peel Group’s Ocean Gateway will deliver an unprecedented scale of co-ordinated private sector investment across the North West of England.

The Greater Manchester Western Gateway is part of this, and one of the largest development areas in Greater Manchester. It incorporates Port Salford (Freeport status), the proposed Port Salford expansion site, significant new housing development, the City of Salford Community Stadium and adjacent strategic development land and the RHS Garden Bridgewater.

Significant investment in transport infrastructure and green space has already taken place, and Greater Manchester Western Gateway is forecast in the next 25 years to secure over £2.5 billion of private sector investment that will realise 25,000 jobs, 21,000 homes and £1 billion of GVA.

Port Salford will be a key gateway for Greater Manchester trade with the rest of the world via the Port of Liverpool and is of huge strategic significance to Greater Manchester’s ambition to hit challenging carbon reduction targets.

The Port Salford expansion site will triple the amount of logistics and warehousing floorspace to make this one of the largest logistics hubs in the UK.

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