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Manufacturing, logistics and construction

Salford is home to a diverse range of manufacturers, logistics companies and a buoyant construction sector, including Kingsland Drinks, Hydes Brewery, Luxfer, BOC and Great Bear.

We’ve seen significant innovation in these sectors around sustainability, robotics and automation, which has supported and attracted economic growth and meant these sectors can remain competitive in reducing their carbon emissions.

In 2021 the University of Salford was named as a key partner in the Advanced Machinery and Productivity Initiative (AMPI) and were part of the winning bid to receive £22.6 million in research and development grants to fund projects around advanced manufacturing and productivity.

Companies based in Salford can benefit from links with academic partners to test new technology on your doorstep. For example:

  • The North of England Robotics Innovation Centre (NERIC) serves as a hub for small to medium-sized enterprises looking to design, test and validate innovative technologies in the rapidly growing area of robotics and automation. It focuses on the development of intelligent infrastructure digital automation and supply chain improvement.
  • Energy House 2.0 is a collection of different types of houses built inside environmental chambers that act as test beds for low and zero carbon technologies. Companies with suitable technologies are able to access the facility for test and research entirely free of charge.

The strong growth in Salford’s industrial economy, especially within the manufacturing and logistics sector, is expected to continue over the coming years with the completion of the first phase of Greater Manchester Western Gateway expected in 2025. Upon completion it’s expected to generate approximately 25,000 jobs into the Western Gateway network, with an estimated £1bn GVA to the local economy.

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