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Sustainable growth

We’re on track to exceed our ambition of delivering 40,000 new jobs and 40,000 new homes by 2040.

The population of Salford increased by 15.4% from 233,900 in 2011 to 269,900 in 2021, according to the 2021 Census. This is substantially higher than the overall increase for England (6.6%) and the highest rise in the North West, behind Chorley (9.9%) and Manchester (9.7%). A significant number of new homes have been built, which both drives and responds to this population growth, including growing employment opportunities.

Since 2016:

  • Employment growth of over 15,000 (12.3%) additional jobs, the fastest % growth in Greater Manchester.
  • Development growth of over 14,500 new homes and almost 2.3 million sq. ft (212,000 sqm) of commercial floorspace.
  • Growth in the business base of over 2,000 (21%) registered companies trading in the city, the fastest total and % growth in Greater Manchester.
  • Investment into the city of £2.55 billion, with £7.51 of private investment for every £1 of public investment, a ratio of 1:7.5.
  • Growth in the overall £GVA value of the economy of over £500 million to £7.8 billion, with Salford now the 3rd largest local economy in Greater Manchester behind Manchester and Trafford.

While the national economy has experienced significant turbulence, Salford’s strategic place-based approach to regeneration and sustainable growth is even more impressive, reflecting the city’s critical role as a key driver in the resilience of the regional economy.

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